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'I enjoy doing your courses. I do not go out much as I have a disability which limits me. I never liked history at school but I enjoy studying your courses with history in it. Thank you for leading the Adventist Discovery Centre or there would be no one to care for us'. (A student, Digging Series.) more

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'My question is this: what is the significance of this "Armageddon" and the Middle East crisis in our own time? What are the steps we Christians should take now before it is too late?' - Chukwugozie, North Africa. The term 'Armageddon', as used in Revelation 16:16 , is linked by some with the place known as Megiddo in the Old Testament. However, there is really no linguistic link with the geographical Megiddo. The first part of the word is from the Hebrew ar, or har,... more