Taking Charge of Your Life

Chapter 1 - Your Purpose

The central reason for our existence

When we look 'above the sun,' we discover the underlying principle of life, LOVE.

We are reliant on love for our purpose. Alfred Adler writes:

'All human failures are the result of a lack of love.Alfred Adler, Why AM I Afraid to Tell You Who I Am?

We are capable of love because we have been loved: the warmth and comfort of a mother's breast, the protection and security of a father, the unconditional acceptance by our parents regardless of the ups and downs of our growing years. Even those whose parents have been abusive can find that they are very greatly loved by another.

Love is basic to our sense of purpose, and the great healer of emotional pain and emotional dysfunction. Dr Karl Menninger writes of the practical power of love:

'Love cures. It cures those who give it and it cures those who receive it.'

Many find the ancient wisdom found in the Scriptures provides a deeper understanding of love. It speaks of a God as the initiator of love.

'We love ... because He first loved us.'  1 John 4:19, NKJV

At the practical level of life, God's love is initially expressed through the nurturing care of parents. Those who have been deprived of love, especially during their tender years, experience deep-seated emotional pain.

These deeper needs are looked at in detail in other modules during this study programme.