Taking Charge of Your Life

Chapter 1 - Your Purpose

Purpose - three levels

Three descriptive levels can help in thinking about purpose. Each level has to be mastered, in turn, before the next can be fully processed. All three parts need to be discovered as we grow toward fulfilling our potential. (Adapted from Life Skills by Richard J. Leider.)

The SOURCE level -> The SERVICE level -> The VOCATIONAL Level.

1.The source level

Why do we get up in the morning? What is worth striving for? If the universe is an accident, then so are we. If the universe has meaning, then so do we.

Our understanding of origin impacts powerfully on our understanding of who we are and why we exist. That sense of identity is the vital first step in establishing our sense of purpose.

2.The service level

How shall we live? How shall we express our purpose now and in the future?

A service revolution is taking place in the business world. Many are rediscovering, at the personal level, that fulfilment is achieved as a result of contributing to the well-being of others.

Each of us is unique – with the capacity to contribute to life in a way that cannot be duplicated by anyone else. To express that uniqueness in service to others brings purpose into focus.

3.The vocational level

Ask yourself:

  • What are my talents? Where is the best place to use them?
  • What do I most enjoy doing?
  • How best can I invest what I have in my life's work?

Dr Jonal Salk points out that to have a purpose in life is part of living systems and is essential to all living things. He said, 'To become devoted to a calling, to have a sense of responsibility and to have hopes or aspirations are all part of being human.'

Our talents and abilities are gifts of life, but we must choose the work in which we will invest them.