Chapter 1 - Love, Romance and Reality

What is love?

What a silly question! Everyone knows about Romeo and Juliet,
Napoleon and Josephine, Homer and Marge.

Myths of romance are still globally popular, fuelling some 40%
of book sales and 90% of songs:

  • 'What's love got to do with it?'
  • 'What is love anyway?'
  • 'It must've been love (but it's over now)'
  • 'Everyone'

Actually our ideas about love can be vague. You might 'love' your
grandmother, your spouse, your favourite ice cream and your
dog. Most media portrayals emphasise sex and emotion, probably
because it's easier to show action and feeling on the big screen.
But surely a balanced definition of love involves the total person:

  • Thinking (stable friendship, logical commitment, common
  • Emotions (romantic feelings, intimacy, passion)
  • Physicality (sexual chemistry, body language, actions)
  • Spirituality (deepest beliefs, hopes, ethics, connection to
    God as the Source of love)