Chapter 1 - Love, Romance and Reality

Best sources of happiness

Congratulations on reading this. Most people do more training
for their driver's licence than for the most important relationship
in their lives ... and we wonder why there's such a road toll on
the street of love!

'Happily ever after' sounds like an exaggerated claim from a fairy
story, but a good relationship is one of the best sources of
personal happiness. One study found that married people are
nearly twice as likely as single people to feel good about their lives
generally, and that this happy attitude positively affected their
work, friendships and parenthood.

If that sounds vague and hard to measure, consider a British study
that found suicide rates per 100,000 people were:

  • 9 for married people
  • 17 for unmarried people
  • 204 for people who had suffered unresolved relationship

Relationships can be blissful, or dangerous if you don't understand
what you're doing.

Studying relationships even makes sense financially when the costs
of divorce are so huge. One study estimated that every Australian
pays over $300 tax dollars (£165 UK pounds sterling) each year
towards the costs of divorce, compared to a mere 16 cents invested
in marriage education. But by reading these booklets, you're taking
a positive step and investing in your future happiness.