Health Course

Chapter 1 - Taking Charge of Your Health

4. Sunlight

We can sometimes take for granted the abundance of sunlight that
we enjoy, but countries in the Northern Hemisphere only enjoy
sunlight for a few months of the year. Research in those countries
has revealed how important sunlight is for people to feel happy and
well. Depression and low morale are common during the long winter
months in the Northern Hemisphere.

Sunlight is not only important for our feeling of well-being, but it also
assists with providing our bodies with vitamin D, which is an essential
nutrient that our bodies can make in skin from exposure to sunlight.
Vitamin D is needed for the absorption and use of calcium for strong
bones and teeth, as well as for healthy immune and nervous systems,
for control of the body hormones, and for cell growth.

However, too much sunlight can be damaging (especially in Australia
and New Zealand, where skin cancer rates are high). Being 'sun safe'
is very important, so don't forget the 15+ or 30+ sunscreen and hat.