Health Course

Chapter 1 - Taking Charge of Your Health

How can I achieve good health?

Good health is actually quite simple.

The remainder of this chapter will cover eight basic areas in
which we can maintain good health.

1. Nutrition

Nutrition is simply the study of what foods can help our
bodies to function at their best. The food we eat is one of
the most important aspects of health, as it has a direct
impact on the way we feel and perform. It provides fuel for
the body to run on. Energy from good food is after water,
the body's number-one necessity.

When you choose food lacking in essential nutrients your
body becomes deficient. An example of this is an iron
deficiency. This is where a person feels 'washed out' and
tired. The body needs iron to carry oxygen around the
body, and a lack of iron means the oxygen isn't carried
around the body very well.

So, if nutrition is so important, what is a nutritious food?
Nutritious foods contain lots of essential nutrients (These
are substances that the body must get from food, because
the body is either unable to make it itself or unable to
make enough of it). Essential nutrients include vitamins,
minerals (such as iron and calcium), carbohydrates, proteins,
fats and water.  All food contains nutrients, but some foods
contain more nutrients than others. It's important to choose
the most nutritious food possible so that your body gets all
the nutrients it needs to function properly. Nutrition and
healthy eating habits are covered in more detail in
chapters 2 and 3.