Health Course

Chapter 1 - Taking charge of Your Health

8. Trusted relationships

A sense of purpose and a sense of belonging are important for you to
feel good about your life. You may wonder what a sense of and
belonging has to do with quality of life? A life filled with depression,
loneliness and anger is hardly a description of a high quality of life.
Thisis especially true in difficult circumstances, such as grief or loss,
betrayal of a partner, serious illness, or even impending death.

The spiritual dimension of health includes our values and philosophy
of life, which give us a sense of purpose and belonging. To enjoy
spiritual health is to possess the capacity for love, compassion,
forgiveness, peace and fulfilment. Trust in a power outside of oneself
and trust in those around us are also vital aspects of good health.
The golden rule of loving our neighbour as ourselves is basic to a
sense of self-esteem and self-worth.

We all need to find a balance between meeting our own needs and
meeting the needs and demands of others. Feelings of cynicism,
anger, bitterness, fear, anxiety and pessimism are often felt by
people who are over-committed to the needs of others and their work,
with no energy left for themselves. You need time alone to cater for
your own needs so that you feel refreshed and ready to serve others
and meet their needs.

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