Health Course

Chapter 1 - Taking Charge of Your Health

Who is responsible for your health?

You are. Good health largely depends on choices we all have, and
it depends on the choices we make. Although we cannot choose
our genes or control unfortunate life experiences, our choices can
reduce our risks and make the most of our circumstances. This in
turn gives us control over our quality of life.

Many think that it's the doctor's job to 'fix you up' when you get
sick, and don't think of preventing that sickness in the first place
with some simple strategies. When you provide your body with the
things it needs to do its work properly, then, given the right
environment, treatment and fuel, your body will naturally move
towards good health. Good health is achieved when prevention of
'ill health' is a goal of yours.

Seeing a medical practitioner when you are sick is increasingly
important for early detection of serious illnesses and conditions.
However, there needs to be a greater emphasis on prevention of
lifestyle diseases. These diseases often occur as a consequence
of a lifestyle that is damaging to health. The risk of being affected
by heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, lung cancer,
maturity-onset diabetes (type 2 diabetes) and respiratory (lung)
diseases can be lessened by making healthy lifestyle choices.