Coping with Stress

This Coping with Stress course explains how stressors work in
our lives and helps the student learn different techniques to cope
and thrive whilst living with stress.

Some of the topics are:

  • Stress vs distress
  • Working with stress
  • Fears and phobias
  • Relaxation



Coping with Stress

Lesson 1 - Stress vs Distress

Stress test (continued)

8. Have you been anxious, worried or upset?

    0   Extremely so – to the point of being sick, or almost sick.
    1   Very much so.
    2   Quite a bit.  
    3   Some – enough to bother me.
    4   A little bit.
    5   Not at all.

9.   Have you been waking up fresh and rested?

    5   Every day.
    4   Almost every day.
    3   Fairly often.
    2   Less than half the time.
    1   Rarely.
    0   None of the time.

10. Have you been bothered by any illness, bodily disorder, pain,
     or fears about your health?

    0   All the time.
    1   Most of the time.
    2   A good bit of the time.
    3   Some of the time.
    4   A little of the time.
    5   None of the time.

11. Has your daily life been full of things that are interesting to you?

    5   All the time.
    4   Most of the time.
    3   A good bit of the time.
    2   Some of the time.
    1   A little of the time.
    0   None of the time.