Coping with Stress

Lesson 1 - Stress vs Distress

Stress test (continued)

5. Have you been under or felt you were under any strain, stress, or pressure?

    0   Yes, almost more than I could bear.
    1   Yes – quite a bit of pressure.
    2   Yes, some – more than usual.
    3   Yes, some – but about usual.
    4   Yes – a little.
    5   Not at all.

6. How happy, satisfied, or pleased have you been with your personal life?

    5   Extremely happy – couldn’t have been more satisfied or pleased.
    4   Very happy.
    3   Fairly happy.
    2   Satisfied – pleased.
    1   Somewhat dissatisfied.
    0   Very dissatisfied.

7. Have you had reason to wonder if you were losing your mind, or losing
    control over the way you act, talk, think or feel, or losing your memory?

    5   Not at all.
    4   Only a little.
    3   Some, but not enough to be concerned.
    2   Some, and I’ve been a little concerned.
    1   Some, and I am quite concerned.
    0   Much, and I’m very concerned