Coping with Stress

Lesson 1 - Stress vs Distress

The following test will help you to identify some of your problem

Stress test

INSTRUCTIONS: The following questions ask how you feel and how
things have been going for you during the past month. For each
question, make a note of the answer that most closely applies to you.
Since there are no right or wrong answers, it’s best to answer each
question quickly, without pausing too long on any one of them.

1. How have you been feeling in general?

    5    In excellent spirits.
    4    In very good spirits.
    3    In good spirits, mostly.
    2    I’ve been up and down in spirits a lot.
    1    In low spirits mostly.   
    0    In very low spirits.

2. Have you been bothered by nervousness or your ‘nerves’?

    0   Extremely so – to the point where I cannot work late or take
         care of things.
    1    Very much so.
    2    Quite a bit. 
    3    Some – enough to bother me.
    4    A little.
    5    Not at all.

3. Have you been in firm control of your behaviour, thoughts, emotions,
    or feelings?

    5   Yes, definitely so.
    4   Yes, for the most part.
    3   Generally so.
    2   Not too well.
    1   No, and I am somewhat disturbed.
    0   No, and I am very disturbed.

4. Have you felt so sad, discouraged, or hopeless, or had so many
    problems, that you wondered if anything was worthwhile?

    0   Extremely so – to the point that I have just about given up.
    1   Very much so.
    2   Quite a bit. 
    3   Some – enough to bother me.
    4   A little bit.
    5   Not at all.