Coping with Stress

Lesson 1 - Stress vs Distress

Stress vs distress

Sometimes they do, but more often they do not, because
the reactions that we have observed are based on the
perceptions of other people. Perception of stress is made
at two levels: the conscious assessment of the particular
stressor, in which the faculties of the mind and experience
are brought to bear; and an unconscious appraisal of the
situation – a more automatic response. These two levels
are almost inseparable and work together to bring us to a
state of physical readiness to deal with the immediate

The duration of the readiness and degree of the response
will depend on the nature and severity of the stressor. The
conscious assessment can and will overrule the unconscious
appraisal and modify the physical response being made:
hence the importance of an accurate perception of the