Try Jesus - Series 1

Lesson 1 - The Story of His Birth

    8. One verse (Luke 2:40) summarises Jesus’ life until the age
        of 12. But we can piece together a few more facts and
        probabilities as follows:

    • Nazareth was a city with a bad reputation. (John 1:46)
    • His heavenly Father (God) taught Jesus the Scriptures and
      about God. (John 7:15, 16)
    • Apparently, Joseph died before Jesus was 33 years old,
      because Jesus asked John to take care of Mary, his mother.
      (John 19:25-27)
    • Jesus was called unkind names later in life; it’s possible that
      others believed Him to be illegitimate.
    • The people of Nazareth considered His upbringing to be
      ordinary. (Matthew 13:53-58)

    9. Find and read Luke 2:41-50.

    • How much did Jesus appear to understand about God’s
      purpose for Him? (Luke 2:49)
    • How much did His parents understand? (Luke 2:50)

    10. Read Luke 2:51 through to 3:6.

    • Why do you think the Bible says that ‘God was pleased with
      him and so were the people’? (Luke 2:52)