Try Jesus - Series 1

Lesson 1 - The Story of His Birth

    4. Find and read Matthew 2:1-12.

    • How did the teachers of the Law of Moses know where the
    • Why didn’t the wise men report back to King Herod?
      (Matthew 2:12)

    5. Find and read Luke 2:21-35.

    • What made Simeon take the baby into his arms and praise
      God? (Luke 2:25-28)

    6. Find and read Matthew 2:13-18.

    7. Find and read Matthew 2:19-23 and Luke 2:39, 40.

    • What do you think we can learn from the way Joseph and Mary were
      so responsive to God?
    • Could you see yourself ever being that willing to move, if you felt
      convinced that God wants you to?