Try Jesus - Series 1

Lesson 1 - The Story of His Birth

How to find references in your Bible

Our lessons use the same form of Bible reference that you will find
in most Christian publications. The reference gives the name of the
book in the Bible, followed by two numbers. The first number refers
to the chapter number, and the second number refers to the verse

So, for example, when we want you to look up the book of John and
to find the third chapter and the sixteenth and seventeenth verses,
we write it: John 3:16-17.

The Bible is separated into two portions, namely the Old Testament
and the New Testament. If you are not certain where to find the
Bible reference, first look on the contents page at the front of the
Bible. There you will find the books listed in the order they appear in
the Old and New Testaments. (Some Bibles also give an alphabetical
listing that makes it much easier). Find the book of the Bible. Then
find the chapter and the verse (or verses) listed.