Try Jesus - Series 1

Lesson 1 - The Story of His Birth


It happens from time to time, and when it does it almost always
makes headline news. A newborn baby gets abandoned, with no
hint of what his name is or who his mother is. Such stories always
leave big questions. Is the mother safe and well? Why did she do
such a drastic thing? Is the baby going to survive? What will
happen to him? People hoping to be able to adopt the little mite
jam telephone switchboards. Everyone in the community wants
to know the outcome.

In most cases the details eventually come to light. Perhaps the
mother was a young girl still at school. Maybe she managed to
keep the pregnancy secret from family and friends. Perhaps she
felt she could not manage. She may have thought that the baby
would have a better life raised in someone else’s family. But,
once the facts become known, a curtain of privacy descends to
protect both mother and child. We usually hear nothing more
about them.

But there is another story that everybody knows, at least in part.
We have all heard the Christmas story, and many have proudly
watched children and grandchildren in the school nativity play.
Even if we are not very religious, we remember something about
Mary, and Joseph, and the shepherds, wise men, King Herod, and,
of course, the baby Jesus. There has been no privacy for mother
and child in this case. Two thousand years later it is still a very
public story.

This lesson will help recall that Bethlehem story, for no other
event has so affected the history of the world.