Ten Questions For God

3. What is evil?

If God’s law is perfect, designed to make us totally happy, then
anything outside that would bring evil to us or someone else.

Jesus said,

Evil says,

  • 'Use your neighbour for yourself.'
  • 'Do unto others before they do you.'

Evil = selfishness = sin. (But self-nurture or self-improvement are fine!)

Sin is saying, 'I don’t care about God's advice or what you need
– I want this.' (For example, child abusers desire their pleasure
over a child's happiness.)

The Bible says:

  • Relationships work best when you are gentle and generous.
  • Sex is better when both are giving rather than being selfish.
  • Your business succeeds when you think of the customer.
  • Possessions give most pleasure when shared with people you love.

But human nature wonders if evil might work better.