Focus on Prophecy

The Focus on Prophecy study guides will take you on a journey through
chapter-by-chapter study of the Bible books of Daniel (lesson 1-7) and
Revelation (lessons 8-20), showing you that God cares for you!

An additional illustrated booklet on prophecy is given as a bonus on
completion of the course.

In this course you will learn about the following:

  • Learn the mysteries of God, and His plan for you and our world.
  • Experience an easy-to-follow guide through the Bible prophecies
    in the Bible books of Daniel and Revelation.
  • Discover the accurate Bible predictions of the rise and fall of
  • Understand the meaning of the mark of the beast, the Antichrist
    and the Millennium.

To register for lessons and continue your studies of Focus on Prophecy
just click on this link and follow the online instructions.

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