Digging Up the Past

Chapter 1 - Land of the Pyramids

River Nile – a source of life

Habitable Egypt consists primarily of the Nile valley, a narrow strip
of fertile land averaging about twelve kilometres in width and
extending about one thousand kilometres from south to north. 

River Nile from the Air – a strip of fertility in the desert


Harvested crops by the Nile

Nile farm-life today in a timeless land

Because of its slightly higher altitude, the south is called Upper
Egypt and the north is called Lower Egypt.To go up the River Nile,
is to go southwards. The Nile flows northwards, from Upper Egypt
to Lower Egypt. At Memphis, near modern Cairo, the Nile branches
out into several arms, fanning out over the fertile delta.

Below are maps of Egypt and the Nile delta

Lower and Upper Egypt in the North and South

Fertile delta of the Nile - a satellite photo

Lower Egypt, Sinai, Midian and Edom - a satellite photo

Map of the cities of Egypt and beyond