Digging up the past

Chapter 1 Land of the pyramids

Boastful Monuments

Inscriptions on monuments

It should be understood that the Egyptians did not write history as such.
Most of the monuments were made and inscribed by Pharaohs who were not concerned with making accurate historical records. Rather, they praised their own virtues and accomplishments. So it is not easy for scholars to determine accurate historical information from such biased writings. Scholars are often at variance in deciding how much of the inscriptions are really historical fact.

This is in marked contrast to the records of the Bible, where historical information records not only the victories and the virtues but also the defeats and the moral lapses of even the most notable characters. Such impartial reporting is not found in the Egyptian or any other non-Biblical ancient records.
From 1) the records of the hieroglyphs, 2) the writings of ancient historian like Maneto, an Egyptian priest who lived about 300 BC, 3) Herodotus who visited Egypt about the middle of the fifth century BS, and 4) Josephus, the Jewish historian of the first century AD, let us now look at historyof the ancient Egyprian empire.