Digging up the past

Chapter 1 Land of the pyramids

Faiyum Oasis

The 12th Dynasty of Egypt had some powerful kings who developed the Faiyum, a fertile oasis supporting some two million people. The kings of this dynasty also built pyramids for their burials but they were of inferior construction. There were no more large pyramids built after the end of this dynasty.

The 12th Dynasty ruled for about 200 years and early scholars dated the commencement of that dynasty to about 2,000 BC, but recently some scholars have questioned this date. Proposed revisions based on scholarly analysis, would in fact synchronise the slavery of Israel with the 12th Dynasty and the Exodus early in the 13th Dynasty, for which there is significant archaeological evidence.

The leafy green fields of the Faiyum

Even today this canal is known as Bar Yusef meaning Joseph's Canal

12th Dynasty temple relief on exhibit at the R.O.M.