Digging up the past

Chapter 1 Land of the pyramids

Menkaure's Pyramid

Menkaure (Greek: 'Mycerinus' was the builder of the  third and much smaller pyramid of the Gizeh group. This pyramid occupies less than a quarter of the area covered by Khufu's pyramid. Its height was 66 metres when built. The upper portion was faced with white Tura limestone, but the lower sixteen layers were dressed with red granite from Aswan,  Some of these layers have not been smoothed, thus indicating the method used to build all the pyramids, whereby all the facing was placed in position in the rough and then smoothed in sequence from the top down. The unsmoothed layers suggest that Menkaure died before his pyramid was quite finished.

Menkaure's pyramid compared to Khafre's and Khufu's

Exterior roughness beneath the limestone facing

Pyramid of Menkaure (Mycerinus) at Giza