You can study your chosen course in various ways:


You can register online and study your lessons on your computer or device. Your online tutor will be at hand to mark your lessons, answer your questions and allow you to move on to your next lesson.

By Postal Service.

Your lessons can be posted to you for your personal study. Once completed just return your answer sheet and we will return it marked and accompanied by your new lesson.

Study Group 

If you would like to have someone to guide you through your Bible and health courses we can offer personal tutors. To study with a personal tutor please contact us for further details.

You may choose from our Bible Courses or Health Courses today!

Why is everything free?

The Adventist Discovery Centre, UK & Ireland seeks to share Bible and Health Courses to all who are searching to improve their knowledge of the Scriptures and living a healthy lifestyle. As a result, we provide all our lessons free of charge to individuals. Why not register today.

And who is funding all this?

We owe gratitude to all our students and generous donors for their regular contributions toward the work of the Adventist Discovery Centre, UK & Ireland. Donations are allocated to the development and improvement of our online and postal courses plus additional resources. You can make a one off donations or sign up for regular giving below.