Whom did Cain marry?

Reading the Bible, I found in Genesis that after Cain had murdered his brother, he went to Nod and there he took a wife. Who was his wife if Adam, Eve and Cain were the only persons on the earth? Thank you for your time. – Luciana, Romania

We often concern ourselves by imposing upon the very early inhabitants of creation laws that God was to give centuries later in Leviticus. To all creation God said, 'Be fruitful and increase in number' (Genesis 1:28). With humans, that started with Adam and Eve, and, while only three of their male descendants are listed, they certainly multiplied far beyond that with sons and daughters (see Genesis 5:4). These then married and multiplied more until there was a larger pool of inhabitants to choose a spouse from. Notice that even Abraham was married to his half-sister.

The biblical injunction not to marry close relatives is a result of sin. Because of sin, we are no longer perfect. If we marry close relatives, inbreeding can increase the chance of hereditary deformity. By the time of Moses this would have been a problem, so injunctions are given against it in Leviticus 18:6-17. For the first few generations, with the perfect genetics of Adam and Eve, this would have been no problem at all.

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