'Once saved, always saved: I'm seeking for Bible-based answers.?

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Hello: I was given this site by one of my friends that are helping me with my Bible study. I am seeking the truth and am looking for Bible-based answers, NOT 'because the pastor says so kind of thing. I am having a problem with my study group. Everyone seems to think they are right but no one is showing me what the Word says. They are all saying that they have been taught this all their lives so it has to be true. How can a person be saved at, say, age 12 years and not have a chance of being lost until they die? My friends, in my group are saying 'Once saved always saved' but I just can't see this. Please, help me with this. Salvation is the BIGGEST part of the Bible. Without it, why have the rest? I need to fully understand this point before I can more on. I appreciate your time and advice.
Thank you - Kathy, USA



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