Hidden meaning in the 'Song of Songs'?

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I read 'The Song of Solomon' yesterday to satisfy my curiosity. I am afraid I failed to find anything spiritually relevant. Is there any hidden meaning in the verses?-Question submitted by Mutukwa Ndui of Botswana.

It is impossible to find an equal to 'the Song of Songs' as a piece of writing on human love. For this reason alone it more than justifies its place in the canon of the Scriptures. God is concerned with every aspect of our life, and this book deals solely with human love-and it does this incomparably.

In addition, for centuries the book has been understood as an allegory of Christ's love for the Church. When we read this book we are reminded of:

  • The strength of Christ's love (8:7);
  • His delight to hear the prayer of the Church (8:13);
  • The sense of yearning for His presence (8:14);
  • The invitation of Christ to share His company (2:13);
  • The dangers of the failure to respond immediately to His knocking on the door (5:2-8/Rev. 3:20).

We are to have a passion for God so that our relationship with Him is not lukewarm.

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