I'm already a Christian but now joining another church. Do I need to get rebaptised?

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Question: To me this answer of rebaptism its not clear, I have the same question. I've baptised in 1992 in water I received the Holy Spirit, I accept God as my Personal Saviour. Now I am going to SDA is there any need to be baptised again? Please answer me for so long I've got this question no answer me. Name withheld

In Acts 19:1-5 we find Paul meeting with several disciples who had been baptised by John the Baptist. They had experienced repentance and expressed their faith in the coming Messiah. As they now recognised Christ as the already present Messiah their faith deepened and developed. In recognition of this change, and as an acknowledgement of their faith in Christ, they were rebaptised.

This indicates to me that as people come to a deeper faith in Christ and discover more about him and his truth for their lives, there is provision for rebaptism. However, it is a personal decision. You would need to be guided by:

A) how you regard you previous full immersion baptism?

B) how importantly you regard the new beliefs that you have studied into?

C) how much of a witness would your rebaptism now be for those in your family, church and community?

I emphasised in the answer that it is a personal decision. In that you were baptised by immersion in 1992 then there is no imperative that you should get rebaptised. As a minister I have accepted people into membership who recognise the validity of their previous baptism. That is fine, and it should surely be expected that we will progress in our spiritual growth long after the date of our baptism.

I cannot say any more than that it is a personal decision that you will want to work with your pastor. The Adventist Church Manuel, following the Bible, allows for you to choose either way.

This may not be the definitive answer that y ou are looking for, but I hope it will help and encourage you on your spiritual journey.



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