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Bible Questions & Answers originally started in response to letters from listeners to Adventist World Radio (AWR).

It has now grown to be part of Discover Online and aims to openly and honestly reflect on the truths of the Bible in the modern world. Much of the audio on this site was first aired on AWR.

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Good and bad angels. How do I know who is speaking to me?

Hello. My question is: how do you know the difference between your guardian angel speaking to you and the Holy Spirit? When you are having evil thoughts, is that your own thoughts or an evil spirit trying to get you to do something wrong? I say this because I've heard Christians saying they have the spirit of smoking or drinking or cursing, etc. Pray for me and my family. We will continue to pray for you and your ministries. Bless you-Revell. Your guardian angel, being an unfallen being,... more