Bible questions

Bible Questions & Answers originally started in response to letters from listeners to Adventist World Radio (AWR).

It has now grown to be part of Discover Online and aims to openly and honestly reflect on the truths of the Bible in the modern world. Much of the audio on this site was first aired on AWR.

Thanks to Pastors Edgar Hulbert, Herman Smit, Mike Stickland, Gudmundurs Olafsson, Ray Allen and Victor Hulbert for their help and support in researching for this site.

Answers reflect the authors Christian view of the Bible and modern culture but does not necessarily represent the official views of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

How did the King James Version of the Bible come to us?

It is the 'world's' most-read book. We look back 400 years to the origins of the King James Version of the English Bible. David Trim, lecturer in history at Newbold College in Bracknell, England, and Bret Dolman, Curator of Collections at Historic Royal Palaces in London, talk with Victor Hulbert about the 1604 Hampton Court Conference and the origins and beauty of the King James Version of the Bible. Want to visit Hampton Court Palace in London and the special exhibition? Click here. more