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  • Try Jesus - Series 1

    The life and teachings of Jesus Christ are the foundation of Christianity based on the gospels. This first series will take you on a journey from Jesus' birth to His resurrection more

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  • Coping with Stress

    This Coping with Stress course explains how stressors work in our lives and helps the student learn different techniques to cope and thrive whilst living with stress. more

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  • Troubleshooters

    Troubleshooters - six colourful discussion booklets focusing on supporting children who are facing challenges with situations at school, in the playground or at home. more

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  • KidZone

    What will it be like when Jesus comes again? What will heaven be like? Does God really want to spend time with me? Why not search these Bible guides for answers to these questions. more

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  • 10 Questions for God

    Imagine a face-to-face sit down with God. What questions would you ask Him? Would you ask about pain and suffering in the world, His views on sex and marriage or who exactly is Jesus? more

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  • Relationships

    The Relationships Course (lessons 1-8) is a brilliant mix of modern psychology and practical tips that anyone can understand. Tips on Parenting skills (lessons 9-14) are also included. more

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  • Discover

    There are 26 lessons covering basic teachings of Christianity that make the Bible relevant for the 21st century. Study at you own pace and gain knowledge leading to a relationship with God. more

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  • Focus on Prophecy

    Journey through a fascinating chapter-by-chapter study of the Bible books of Daniel (lessons 1-7) and Revelation (lessons 8-20), showing us today that God cares for you! more

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  • Health

    We influence our health by how we live, work, and interact with other people and with our environment. The choice is yours-you can take control now and positively influence your health. more

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  • Taking Charge of Your Life

    Nine lessons designed to help you discover the secrets of personal power and success through an understanding of your feelings and choices. more

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  • Digging Up the Past

    Historical background of the Bible from the aspect of Biblical archaeology. Written by David Down. The author is well known in Australia for his popular lectures and television shows. more

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'I appreciate all the courses I had and the inspiration, guidance and information they afforded me. Thank you for your help and time.' Signed: A student living in Ireland. more

My Bible question

Book pages.

Questions on the commandments.

Could you tell me if the ten commandments are listed (all ten) somewhere else in the bible other than Exodus 20? I would like know how do you use the Lord name in vain? I need examples so I can understand . I have a habit if I hear some shocking news I will always say 'oh my GOD' and my husband always say that it is wrong for me to say that. He said that I am using the Lord name in vain. I always thought when you use it in vain that you are using it in a disrespectful manner. Please help us... more