General Questions About Our Courses


All courses are FREE of cost and are sent without obligation

How often will I receive my lessons online? Hide

After you submit your quizzes, a member of our team will grade your lesson and send you an email notification, so you can log in to the next Lesson. Your tutor will grade your lesson within 48 hrs.

How often will I receive my lessons by post? Hide

The frequency with which lessons arrive depends entirely on the speed at which you work. We begin by sending Lesson 1 of the course you have requested. When you have completed it and returned the first response paper, we will send you Lesson 2. Lesson 3 & 4 will not be sent until we have received the quiz paper for Lesson 2, and so on until completion.

How long will I have to complete each paper? Hide

You are free to follow the lessons at your own pace. There is no maximum time limit, but we recommend that if your schedule allows it, you plan to complete two lessons per month. We do send a reminder if we have not heard from you for six weeks, just in case lessons have become lost in the post.

Will I receive a Certification at the end of the course? Hide

Our courses are intended for personal improvement and better health and not to provide academic accomplishment, though we do present a certificate of completion

Will anyone come to my door? Hide

Students have found it helpful, from time to time, to discuss matters arising from their courses. Our representatives are available to assist when needed. You have only to ask.

Once you have successfully completed your course it gives us pleasure to ask one of our representatives to personally deliver your course completion certificate and offer you our congratulations. If you do not wish to receive your certificate this way just let us know.

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